Australian Sustainable Timbers

Australian Sustainable Timbers (AST) is a forest management and timber milling and marketing company based in Dungog in the New South Wales Hunter Valley. Australian Sustainable Timbers and its member farmers have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

We are proud to be the inaugural winners of the 2008 FSC Responsible Forest Management Award, “Small forest Manager of the Year”

Australian Sustainable Timbers produces high-quality timber products sourced from a group of sustainably managed, privately owned native regrowth forests in the Hunter Valley and Mid North Coast of New South Wales. We also provide training and consulting services in sustainable forest management throughout the region. We personally manage a sustainable forestry operation at the colourfully named “Terrible Billy” in the foothills of Barrington Tops, a region renowned for its productive and diverse forests.

Australian Sustainable Timbers aims to turn passion into practice, demonstrating the vital alternative of small-scale, ecologically based sustainable forestry.

Our goals include:

  • promoting ecologically sustainable forest management through innovative, site-specific silvicultural systems
  • restoring degraded forests
  • fostering small-scale forestry by increasing financial returns to forest growers
  • providing high-quality certified timber products
  • offering professional forest management services to growers, and
  • providing a method of collectively marketing certified timber.

In December 2007, Australian Sustainable Timbers achieved certification by the FSC for a group of small-scale forestry operations in the region. FSC provides a credible and ethical certification system that endorses and supports our forest management practices.

Australian Sustainable Timbers aims to establish this group as a premium source of FSC-certified hardwood timber from native forests in eastern Australia.