Our Forests

The forests we manage are as diverse as the landholders who manage them. They are predominantly dry and moist coastal eucalypt forests which occur in complex patterns across the landscape. They consist of young regrowth stands that have grown up on previously cleared farm land as well as older, uneven-aged regrowth forests with a long history of logging.

These forests play an important role in conservation, providing significant habitat for wildlife in their own right as well as important habitat linkages in the landscape. Special areas such as remnant rainforest patches, riparian vegetation or areas with mature hollow-bearing trees are carefully protected in a network of conservation zones under each individual forest management plan.

These forests abound with a diverse mixture of excellent timber species such as Tallowwood, Spotted Gum, Ironbark, Sydney Blue Gum, Turpentine, Brush Box, White Mahogany and Grey Gum. They provide income for landholders and timber for on-farm use as well as a place for landholders to love and enjoy.