Membership requirements

Landholders who share our passion for the responsible management of native forests are invited to join and become a member of the Australian Sustainable Timbers FSC Certification Group. We are looking for landholders who are committed to long-term management of their regrowth forests which is consistent with the requirements of FSC and the AST Group.

The Australian Sustainable Timbers FSC Group is open to ethical forest managers who:

  • are committed to the long-term, sustainable management of their forests and the FSC principles and criteria
  • are committed to the production of high quality timber products
  • produce a forest management plan (FMP) and manage their property in line with this FMP
  • sign up to the AST group for at least 5 years
  • allow representatives of AST and the certification body access to their forest for the purposes of FSC monitoring
  • have documented title, lease, or use rights to the forest.

AST Preferred Membership Profile

AST will give preference to applicants who:

  • are actively involved in their forest operations or have a passion to know their forest operations are being conducted in a sustainable manner
  • are willing to contribute to the group and its members and promote co-operation in the group wherever possible
  • are interested in innovative, ecologically appropriate forest management activities and who
  • wish to take advantage of AST’s collective marketing of the groups certified timber.